Ever wondered what goes into rebuilding a set of #wheels? Watch this vid by @dominant_engineering of the rebuild of @jayem_bo wheels.

Buying a brand new set of wheels is always an exciting experience. You get to see what is available from all the brands in the market (new & old), view what the current trends are & work to create the perfect set for your ride. Now there are a few ways to get a new set of wheels for your ride, first you can buy something brand new from a supplier or shop. The next option is to go down the second hand market route & buy something preloved. The third option is a mix of the first two where you buy a set of second hand wheels & rebuild them to create something new. The third option often creates wheels that pack a massive impact when done right as you have taken a #wheel that is old & created something completely new & more suited to modern fitment & size trends. This is exactly what @jayem_bo has done here with his @ssr.wheels Hasemi wheels rebuilt by the extremely talented @dominant_engineering. In this #video we get the chance to see the process that @dominant_engineering goes through to create the perfect wheels for @jayem_bo’s wide body #datsun. We could watch this video all day as we are in ore of the complete process & the wheel nerd in us just can’t get enough of seeing it. 


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