The 2019 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Recap

Here at 5280 ELITE Marketing we have deep roots in Colorado’s car scene. We love working with large automotive events to increase their awareness, and ticket sales! We just finished up with‘s Drag 965 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack down in Colorado Springs. This event took place on June 22nd and 23rd as it does every year, at the Colorado Springs Air Port.

The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is an amazing event is a 1/2 mile race with some of the highest horsepower cars around. People come from all over the nation to compete in this event, and to set world wide records for the standing half mile race. Many other media sources were there such as: StreetFX, 1320 Video, and Shift S3ctor just to name a few!

1320 Video helped to cover the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack event with their live streams that can be found here:

Out of the two days that we spend at the Pikes Peak Air Strip Attack event, the Drag 965 twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan did not disappoint!

The Drag 965 Underground Racing Huracan who is currently the world record holder for the standing half mile top speed!

Along with all of the other Under Ground Racing builds, they came to the Pikes Peak Air Strip Attack with their A-Game. The entire team set an amazing 251 MPH pass with their beautiful Twin Turbo Audi R8. This raised the previous record from 244 MPH to a shattering 251 MPH!

@JatSetter breaking the R8 standing 1/2 mile world record with a 251MPH pass at Shift S3ctors Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. With a DA of Approximately 9,000 in his Under Ground Racing X version Twin Turbo R8 yesterday. More to come!

Event Gallery

All photos taken by Justin Jaslow Owner of 5280 ELITE Marketing

A thank you to all who made this event possible!

“Can I say we got lucky this weekend? We went from full on salvage mode going into the weekend, to being able to successfully squeeze every last ounce out of the event. I can confidently say this was the BEST Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack we’ve ever hosted. From the competitors/talent, to our awesome spectators, and a broadcast above and beyond what we ever thought possible, I think the entire event was a massive success. I’m so proud of team Revvolution Shift-S3ctor for what we’ve been able to accomplish. In my mind, the decisions we made this weekend solidify us as the most legitimate half mile racing organization in the world.
Thanks to everybody who came out and supported the event…

– Ryan Randles ( 2019 Drag 965 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack

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