What is 5280 ELITE Classified?

5280 ELITE Classified is one of the first marketing groups of its kind. Let us tell you why.

We have all been in various leads groups, and we have all been approached by Marketers presenting various plans to create better lead generation for your business. However, specifically in the state of Colorado. There has not been a state wide program that provides true Marketing Exclusivity. 5280 ELITE Classified aims to do just that.

The bottom line is you don’t know, who you don’t know. On a annual basis, businesses will be added to the Classified group. Specifically, one business of each industry will be allowed into the group. For example, should you decide to join, their will NOT be anyone else in your specific industry within the group. This means, any leads passed will be exclusively delivered to you. This is very different from any marketing agency that preaches exclusivity, but has various clients in the same industry competing for lead traffic. 5280 ELITE Marketing is putting an end to this.

How will being part of this group benefit me and my business?

5280 ELITE Classified will be everything and more for your business. Like all marketing ventures, they must be viewed as an investment. Results will be shown over time, and with the more that you help to put in. The more everyone will receive. Being that you expect leads to be thrown your way, other companies are expecting the same for you. 5280 ELITE Marketing will be keeping record of all leads that are passed, and each business will be reviewed at the end of a annual year. Additionally, as this group begins to grow, and produce true results. The 5280 ELITE Marketing Badge that will be given to you for your media use, will begin to bring value to your business. Everyone loves to see that a business is accredited by the BBB. However, what about a true customer driven brand. 5280 ELITE Marketing strives to produce results that are of the ELITE level. If you are as serious about your businesses success as we are, then you have what it takes to be apart of this ELITE group.

To take complete advantage of the effects of 5280 ELITE Marketing, we highly suggest investing in a custom website with us. Having a uniform foundation to match with the rest of the businesses working with you makes all the difference in the effectiveness of this group. Thankfully! By joining the group you will gain access to many discounted services as listed below. Although it is not mandatory, we highly suggest this as it has made a true difference for many business owners. We are more than happy to provide references of this effect.

What does it cost?

Being apart of this group for the 2019 year starts at $100 a month. This includes your membership to the group, your official company badge for the group, and discounted services through 5280 ELITE Marketing.

Discounted Services Include:

  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography (Product photos, Modeling, etc.)
  • VideoGraphy (Advertisements, media, etc.)
  • Marketing Campaign Consulting

What are the rules for being in this group?

  • Only one business of a particular trade or service will be allowed within the classified group.
  • A given business must pass or produce 6 leads within an annual quarter. Should a business fail to do so, this account will be reviewed for renewal into the group for the following year.
  • All group dues, and fees are expected to be paid in full for the annual year.
  • You MUST display the 5280 ELITE Marketing Badge on your social media platforms, websites, etc.
  • You must want to take on the additional work that will be given to you. If you are currently booked, and can not handle anymore work. Please refrain from joining.
  • A business within the group must be a referral for your application to be considered.

If you are interested in joining, please submit your application for approval. A member of 5280 ELITE Marketing will be with you within 24-48 hours during normal business hours.